Privacy Policy

At the ensemble editorial department, we will pay close attention to the personal information posted and registered on this site in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations related to personal information protection, including the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. About acquiring personal information

At the ensemble editorial department, we may ask you to enter personal information such as user name and e-mail address for some contents.

In addition, questionnaire etc. may be carried out in order to obtain statistical information etc. However, it is use as a reference for planning and management in the future, it does not identify a specific user.

2. Protection and management of personal information

The ensemble editorial department strictly manages the information provided and registered by some contents in accordance with the following guidelines.

  • ・Access to information provided and registered can only be accessed by the ensemble editorial department.
  • ・We keep information acquired by the Internet (writing and e-mail) and other methods (questionnaire, fax, mailing etc.) under strict control.
3. About providing personal information to third parties

Information provided and registered for some content is used for the development of more attractive services at ensemble editorial department. With the exception below, the ensemble editorial department will not disclose personal information to third parties without prior permission of the user.

  1. a. According to laws and ordinances
  2. b. In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult to obtain consent
  3. c. When it is necessary to cooperate with public institutions (courts, police stations, etc.) such as the national government, local governments, etc., or to perform the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations upon consignment thereof, obtaining consent. In cases where there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the relevant affairs and when a request is made via necessary procedures from the relevant agency and the ensemble editorial department deems it necessary
4. Special notes on accumulation of access history

At the ensemble editorial department, the IP address and where you accessed the website from will be accumulated in the data as history, but this data will not be used for purposes other than statistics and analysis.