A long hot evening

Newcomer H Sokerissa! Do you know them?

Last night at Terrace Square, Newcomer H Sokerissa! + Terao Saho’s Live & Performance was great.

The piano was played by Saho Terao and the performance was by Newcomer H Sokerissa’s group dance.

At first, I couldn’t imagine what performance and music would be perform by the street dwellers, the entrance light at Terrace Square suddenly were turned off, the blue and white spot lights light up, the music started, the performers began and the show lasted for around two hours, the performance was followed by silence, excitement, concentration and applause.

Barefoot performers moved around in the light. Their body expression were sometime fierce, coquettish and sometime quiet, all of these reflecting the human daily behavior and it’s vivid mind.

They don’t make any flashy or sudden movements. However, without expectation, if you avert your eyes for a second, their voiceless sounds will respond directly to your mind. In the flyer that everyone received prior to the performance was the explanation of what this show would be about, an artistic dance performed by homeless people with no professional dancing skills but expressing to the crowd with their body language how they struggle to live every day.

Anyone living in this world will feel, the difficulty of living, and its fragility. However, the more difficult it is to live, the more life will appear to shine. That is why it is irreplaceable, beautiful and lovely.

It was the performance of Sokerissa that made us feel such a thing.

We thought that the lighting was wonderful, but it will change if it is perform in a theater which is really different from the space of the Terrace Square, actually we realized afterward that we knew the lighting crew that were working with that show, It made us very happy, (after a long absence) for a casual reunion.

At Terrace Square, before the Sokerissa’s performance, there was an exchange with Sokerissa, the musician Terao Saho playing the piano. And as we said, the collaboration between Sokerissa and Terao lasted for about an hour. We will make a photography report next time for this kind of event.

Their 10th Anniversary Live & Performance “Tokyo Densho Dance” Daily Wilderness Tour “is just beginning now at Terrace Square. You can also support them via their crowdfunding page.

Seeing is believing. It would be good if you can experience it.