A singing voice to make your heart lighter

We went to see a singer-songwriter, Terao Saho’s live at the entrance hall of the Terrace Square, the outside of the building is bright in the dusk of early summer.

The place is narrow and long, there is a high ceiling, it’s usually a passage where people come and go. In that space, a clean and clear sound ripple and captivate the audience.

Like on a solitary planet, the moon envelop the whole room with its light, and the singer’s voice become wind.

Between songs, words are chosen carefully, and the speaking voice is soft like the continuation of a song. Among these few moments, Ms. Saho was impressive and was saying that “the outside is bright but like space” too.

The dance members of Sokerissa and the piano of Terao Saho were necessary as one joint performance to make the performance exciting and amazing. A song, a piano, the performance all mixed together.

Anyway, everything is stagnant, clear, just a lovely time.

It would be good to hear someday again that voice that can be described as a voice of miracles, going through the darkness and light.