Describe the history of photography
Accidental eyes

“Photo History (Tentative)” an exhibition of artist Osamu Kanemura and Kenji Takazawa is being held since June 3rd, at “The White”, a gallery near Kanda Nishiki-cho.

Numerous photograph serie leaves an impact and their names in photography history, they reflect on a certain time and era and at the same time are manifestations of the individual’s eyes that can possess an universal value even if they are away from their times.

In this exhibition you will find pictures of books that contain different series of photograph. By taking pictures of the books and not showing only the photographs itself element can appear by accident and show a new perspective, this serie is then representing a photograph inside a photograph.

On TV monitors installed in the gallery, fragments of images of the city are projected. From the video work entitled “Animals (For Garry Winogrand)” which was edited, you can listen to the city’s anonymous whispers and breath that you can not hear unless you listen carefully.

Just opposite the building where the gallery is located, the condominium construction is in the midst of work.
The sound of the crowd in the video screened in the gallery overlaps the sound of the outside mixer car. You can feel relieved in the small white room that the familiar sounds of the cities seemed to overlap.

  • Kanemura Osamu, Kenji Takazawa “Photo History (Tentative)”
  • Location: 2-2-1 Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, #203
  • Date & time: from June 3rd to 13th / from 13:00 to 19:00